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The symbolism of these 18 steps is as follows: The first five steps symbolise the five human senses (Panchendriyas) i.e. visual (vision), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste) and tactile (touch). These signify the `mortal’ nature of one’s body. The next eight steps symbolise the eight Ashtaragas viz, Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Maltsarya, Asooya, Dhumb (Love, Anger, Avarice, Lust, Pride, Unhealthy Competition, Jealousy and Boastfulness). The next three steps stand for three Gunas or Thrigunas (nature-born qualities) i.e. Satva, ( perspicuity, discernment) , Rajas (activity, enjoyment) and Thamas (inactivity, stupor). The last two steps represent Vidya (Knowledge) and Avidya (Ignorance). It is assumed that after climbing up these eighteen steps reverently, one symbolically detaches oneself from all the worldly ties that bind one physically and mentally to the world. It is only then that a person will be in a receptive condition to be ‘one’ in consonance with the concept of ‘The Ultimate Creator’. The above are the most prevalently accepted version of the significance of the Holy 18 steps. Other versions are as follows: Ayyappa was a master of 18 weapons and the steps signify these. Ayyappa before merging into the idol at the Sanctum Sanctorum, surrendered his 18 weapons, one at each step of Pathinettam Padi. The steps represent the 18 hills existing in and around the region of Sabarimala.Ponnambalamedu, Gowdenmala, Nagamala, Sundaramala, Chittambalamala, Khalgimala, Mathangamala, Myladummala, Sreepadamala, Devarmala, Nilakkalmala, Thalapparamala, Neelimala, Karimala, Puthuserrymala, Kalakettimala, Inchipparamala and Sabarimala. Eighteen is considered as the code number to break into the soul of the Nature. The significance of 18 can be traced back to the Vedic age. The first Veda, believed to be protected by Lord Brahma himself, had 18 chapters. Later, Veda Vyasa divided it to create the four vedas: Rigveda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharava Veda. Each of these vedas had 18 chapters.Veda Vyasa also wrote 18 puranas and 18 upa-puranas. The Bhagavad Gita has 18 chapters and the Kurukshetra war lasted 18 days. There are many mythological stories associated with the holy Patinettampadi. Some believe the eighteen steps denotes the 18 puranas. Some believe that the first three steps depict “Bhoomi, Agni, Vayoo & Akash”, 6 to 9 steps for Karmendriya, 10 to 15 for Jhanandriya, 16th for mind 17th Intelligence and 18th Jeevathma Bhava. Those who cross all these steps are believed to achieve “Punyadarshan”. The steep steps are so important and holy that no one can climb them without fasting for 41 days and carrying the holy irrumudi on ones’ head. Before ascending or descending the steps, pilgrims break coconut as an offering to the steps. One needs to have the sacre Irumudi on head while going up or down the 18 steps. While descending the steps the devotees climb down backwards facing the sanctum sanctorum. One who climbs the Patinettampadi for 18 times shall plant coconut sapling in Sabarimala. Built on a plateau about 40 feet high, the Ayyappan temple commands a lofty view of the mountains and valleys all around.

Opening and closing dates of Sabarimala Temple (Festival calendar) for the year 2018 - 2019

Pooja Opening date Closing date
Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam 30/12/2017 20/01/2018
Makaravilakku Day 14/01/2018  
Monthly Pooja - Kumbham 12/2/2018 17/02/2018
Monthly Pooja - Meenam 14/03/2018 19/03/2018
Utsavam 20/03/2018 30/03/2018
Kodiyettu 21/03/2018  
Panguni Uthiram (Ayyappan Nakshatra Birth Date) Arattu Utsavam 30/4/2018  
Vishu Festival Medam 10/4/2018 18/04/2018
Vishu 15/04/2018  
Monthly Pooja -Edavam 14/05/2018 19/05/2018
Idol Installation Pooja / Prathistha Dinam 24/6/2018 25/6/2018
Monthly Pooja - Midhunam 14/06/2019 19/06/2018
Monthly Pooja - Karkkidakam 16/07/2018 21/07/2018
Monthly Pooja - Chingam 16/08/2018 21/08/2018
Onam Pooja 23/8/2018 27/8/2018
Onam Day 25/8/2018  
Monthly Pooja - Kanni 16/09/2018 21/09/2018
Monthly Pooja - Thulam 17/10/2018 22/10/2018
Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal Aatta Vishesham 5/11/2018 6/11/2018
Mandala Pooja Maholsavam 16/11/2018 27/12/2018
Madala Pooja 27/12/2018  
Makaravilakku Mahotsavam 30/12/2018 20/01/2019
Makaravilakku Day 14/01/2019  

Opening and closing dates of Sabarimala Temple (Festival calendar) for the year 2017 - 2018

Pooja Opening date Closing date
Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam 30/12/2016 20/01/2017
Makaravilakku Day 14/01/2017  
Monthly Pooja - Kumbham 12/2/2017 17/02/2017
Monthly Pooja - Meenam 14/03/2017 19/03/2017
Utsavam 30/03/2017 9/4/2017
Kodiyettu 31/03/2017  
Panguni Uthiram (Ayyappan Nakshatra Birth Date) Arattu Utsavam 9/4/2017  
Vishu Festival Medam 10/4/2017 18/04/2017
Vishu 14/04/2017  
Monthly Pooja -Edavam 14/05/2017 19/05/2017
Idol Installation Pooja / Prathistha Dinam 3/6/2017 4/6/2017
Monthly Pooja - Midhunam 14/06/2017 19/06/2017
Monthly Pooja - Karkkidakam 16/07/2017 21/07/2017
Monthly Pooja - Chingam 16/08/2017 21/08/2017
Onam Pooja 2/9/2017 6/9/2017
Onam Day 4/9/2017  
Monthly Pooja - Kanni 16/09/2017 21/09/2017
Monthly Pooja - Thulam 16/10/2017 21/10/2017
Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal Aatta Vishesham 18/10/2017 19/10/2017
Mandala Pooja Maholsavam 15/11/2017 26/12/2017
Madala Pooja 26/12/2017  
Makaravilakku Mahotsavam 30/12/2017 20/01/2018
Makaravilakku Day 14/01/2018  

Pooja Timings at Sabarimala

Pooja Name Time
Opening of sanctum sanctorum 4.00 a.m.
Nirmalya darshanam 4.05 a.m.
Ganapati homam 4.15 a.m.
Neyyabhishekam 4.15 a.m. to 12.00 p.m
Usha pooja 7.30 a.m.
Kalabhabhishekam 12.30 p.m.
Ucha pooja 1.00 p.m.
Closing of sanctum sanctorum 1.30 p.m.
Opening of sanctum sanctorum 4.00 p.m.
Deeparadhana 6.30 p.m.
Pushpabhishekam 7.00 p.m.
Athazha pooja 10.30 p.m.
Harivarasanam 10.50 p.m.
Closing of sanctum sanctorum 11.00 p.m.


Building Name No.of rooms Rent per Day (Rs)
Pilgrim Centre - I 134 150 to 225
Pilgrim Centre - II 111 250 to 750
Pilgrim Centre - III 139 250 to 750
Donor House No.-I 24 250
Donor House No.-II 24 150 to 600
Donor House No.-III 24 250
Donor House No.IV 24 250
Donor House No.V 19 400 to 750
Donor House No.VI & VII 24 400
Maramath Complex 22 225 to 450
Sabari Nivas Guest House 64 375 to 700
Pamba Guest House 16 300
Cottages (5) 51 600 to 1000
Poorna Pushkala Hall 1 450
Malikappuram Building 16 100

Trains to Chengannur from Telangana

Chengannur railway Station is the nearest railway station to Sabarimala. After getting down at Chengannur railway station, pilgrims can catch Kerala RTC buses to Pamba via Pathanamthitta (District head quarters) from the railway station.

Train No Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time Journey Time Days run
17230 Sabari Exp Sec. bad 11.45 Chengannur 15.18 27h 33m All
12626 Kerala Exp Warangal 11.07 Chengannur 11.53 24h 46m All
22647 KRBA TVC Exp Warangal 12.05 Chengannur 14.27 26h 22m Thu, Sun
16318 Himsagar Exp Warangal 15.33 Chengannur 16.14 24h 41m Wed

Nearest Railway Stations Enquiry Numbers

  • Kottayam - (0481) 2563535

  • Chengannur - (0479) 2452340

  • Pamba Railway Enquiry Counter - (04735) 203605

  • Thiruvalla - (0469) 2601314

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